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RC-54US - Stinson SB-1 "Detroiter"
US 1926 First Enclosed Cabin Passenger Planer


Wing Span |  218 cm
Length |  176 cm
Wing Surface |  156 dm2
Wing Load |  46.2 g/dm2
Engine 2 cy. |  .90-1.20
Engine 4 cy. |  1.20-1.80
C/G |  11.4 cm


Scale 1:5
Model design by K & W Model Airplanes Inc.

Download Manual Stinson SB-1, PDF File (3,213 kb)
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The Stinson SB-1 ( Stinson Biplane-1) was an enclosed cabin passenger aircraft developed in 1926 by Eddie Stinson, President of the “Stinson Aircraft Corporation”. The airplane was known as the “Stinson Detroiter” and was a four seat enclosed cabin biplane. It had a capacity of three passengers and the pilot plus 300 lbs of freight, baggage or mail. The plane was powered by a Wright Whirlwind J-5 engine of 200Hp. The plane was unique in that it had heaters for the cabin, and electric starter for the engine and wheel brakes, all of these refinements were unavailable on any plane of that time. The first test flight took place on Jan 25, 1926. The plane was an immediate success and was the first plane of several Airlines, such as “Florida Airways” and “North West Airlines”. Records show that 26 Stinson SB-1’s were built between 1926 and 1928.

The Detroit News had purchased two of the Stinson Cabin Biplanes for use in an expedition to the north pole, the purpose being to find land with the idea of claiming it for the US. Hubert Wilkins acqired two SB-1’s with the backing of the “Detroit News”. He lost one of the planes about 125 miles north of Barrow and the other made it back to Fairbanks. Noel Wein bought “DN2 for his Airline. This is the plane that we have chosen to Model. 

We have chosen the scale of 1:5 rendering a model size that is easy to fly but also relatively easy to transport. Both the upper and the lower wing panels can be removed as an assembly, for transportation which gives relatively limited requirement for transportation size. The Model is supplied in the ”Wien Alaska Airlines” or ”North West Airlines” livery as standard selections. However, it can be supplied per documentation of the customer.

Available in ARF and RNF The airplane is packed in a strong 3-ply, custom made carton. The individual parts are packed in sealed plastic bags and then wrapped in bubble plastic to ensure safe transport.

Carton Size:
Length    :    162cm 64”
Width      :    48 cm 19”
Height     :    43 cm 17”

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